Achchan Maharaj

Jagannath Maharaj, popularly known as Achchan Maharaj was the eldest among the three sons of Kalika Prasad, the other two being Luchchu Mahaiaj and Shambhu Maharaj. Really speaking, he was the only brother, who received knowledge direct from his father as well as from his uncle Bindadin. When Bindadin and Kalika Prasad died, Achchan took up the responsibility of training his two brothers, Luchchu Maharaj and Shambhu Maharaj. He (Achchan) was a court dancer of several states of North India, and served for a long time at Raigarh. Though being bulky, he was very agile with his nimble footwork, and was a master of gracefully and beautifully expressing the various sentiments. He was an expert of both Nritta and Bhava. With his death on 20th May 1960 the Lucknow Gharana truly lost its foremost representative. He was survived by his son, Birju Mabaraj, a chip of the old block.